3 Steps To Solve Life Problems

Hey, I was quite depressed on last monday.All things went wrong that day for me since I encountered unexpected behavior from the nearest one. In the bed time to bounceback from by bad mood patch I went through a video on spiritual wellness by a monk. My friend, it was awesome to boost my mood and clarity towards life.I am going to share you the juice of the video by revealing 3 Steps To Solve Life Problems.
We will compare our life with a tree and step by step and try to understand our responsibilities to our self.


In this fast-paced life, everybody of us is having some or the other kind of problems to deal with.We generally seek securities and approval from others to combat this life battle.We end up with despair and fear since all peoples are empty and suffering from their own set of issues,they can give you any peace. So what is the remedy? Simply we have to connect with the supreme soul, practice some meditation,read some good spiritual articles which will make our roots of our life strong. This way we can increase our SQ- spiritual quotient. Only if our roots are strong then no tornado can break us. We can withstand any bad phase of our life very easily. So engage yourself in some spiritual activities which will create most of your unseen part like the roots of the tree which is unseen from the external world.


In my earlier stages of life, I was easily carried away by others opinion. I was easily disturbed by others behavior towards me and their opinion. To overcome the situation apart from your spiritual practices you have to make rock solid base of your physical and emotional well being,which is the trunk of your life. The trunk of the tree is visible to the external world. Please practice some physical exercise, eat healthy foods, stay away from drugs for maintaining your physical wellness. Don’t handover the remote control of your mood and mental stability to any damn person under the sun. If people praise you then its ok, appreciation is good. If any body trashes you then also its ok for you, it’s simply their opinion. Don’t take third parties judgment as an origin thought and goes on multiplying within your mind.Good emotional wellbeing signifies lightness. So make your trunk of your life strong to face the realities of your life.


The crown is that part of the tree which gives fruits, flower or shadow to the community.In our life, we should have a purpose. A life with a purpose is a purposeful life. So, once you have made your root and trunk strong then goes for a plan of how you can contribute to the community.Believe me, my friend, it gives a lot of meaning and satisfaction.


Be like a candle not as an ice cream.you have to enjoy your life on time otherwise it will melt like an icecream or candle.But difference is:  If you be like an ice cream it will give selfish enjoyment before it melts and if you lead your life like a candle then it will give share light,selfless contribution before it melts. So the difference lies in the purpose.




To lead a sensible and awesome lifestyle just connect to the divine,cultivate your physical and emotional wellness and contribute to the society. Then you can measure yourself how reach you are. To measure that-evaluate your purpose and see how big it is and count the things which you have which money can not buy.

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