We are the most comfortable generation than any other generation ever lived in the history.We are living with internet,smartphones, Hi-end medical science etc. But can we claim that we are the most joyful and fearless generation? Answer is big NO. Several Mystics are also telling the same—If you are not joyful due to day to day issues in your mind and if the life is not happening the way you wanted , then something fundamentally is wrong with you.            

Lifehackpundit is constantly coming with lifehacks from mentors who are having only practical experience on their domain to make the information from various life dimensions in an user friendly modern perceivable manner to make you spontaneous joyful and fearless and feel the LIFE energy and vibrate.

We guide you to be fundamentally correct, never taught in any schools and colleges.

So if you are a person who wants to take full control of your life and stare it to the right direction, we are here to help.