How To Solve Your Relationship Problem With ACCEPTANCE – A Must Work Technique.

Recently I was in a get together with my just married friends. I was astonished hearing that all of them are having fights with their wives in the closed room every now and then. It is because of difference in opinion or adjustment issues with the inlaws etc. I tried to figure out the reason and came out to the conclusion that none of the couples were well equipped to handle marriage. In my coming days, I am going to reveal the top hidden secret to solve this. Now, before that today I am going to discuss a quality which we must inculcate to strengthen our selves to avoid disputes.

Why Dispute Happens In a Close Relationship:

We are living in a confluence age with a fast-paced mechanical life. In today’s life, no one is perfect and mentally healthy. All are trying to get mental security and happiness from outside when negativity collides with negativity then disputes occur. We always want other’s rooms to be clean leaving ours untidy. So we must revert our approach.

We must always in a process of cleaning our negative qualities and will accept the other person without expecting him or her to be clean first. If we become inward-oriented and stop seeking approval or happiness from others, who are also empty, then our job is done.

Solution –  ACCEPTANCE:

Acceptance is the main keyword, my friend. We must accept our partners and don’t poke them to change. We must work on cleansing our negativity and increase our positivity. Acceptance will boost up your positivity and enhance your endurance power. Once your positivity starts increasing then it will automatically help your partner to grow. Actions in a relationship always speak louder than the mantra is accepted and move on to grow yourself,your partner and in turn your relationship.
You might be thinking that acceptance is not so easy in real life and it’s just a philosophy. No, my friends, just be attentive for at least 21 days to practice acceptance and not react.This practice will help couples for growing up their children’s also( In my coming days lot more to come on parenting also).


Now I ll give you a simple line to reflect on, which will act as your resource to practice acceptance.
We do not expect snowfall and ACCEPT the heat in summer‘. See this acceptance we all do which makes to bear the summer smoothly and figuring a way out to be protective from heat. We do not quarrel and goes on complaining why snow is not falling in summer. So if spontaneously we can accept summer then why we cant accept our partners behaviour. Whenever you are tempted and about to fight, just remember the tag line in italic and improve your relationship.




Use Acceptance as one of the main quality to maintain a green relationship with your closed one. Practice,and strengthen this quality which can make you a super human being.

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