4 Communication Tips To Save Any Relationship

Most of the mishap occurs due to communication gap in life. The first mid-air clash in Dadri Chakri in India , also happened due to a communication gap between the radio operator and pilot of the khaza aircraft. Communication can improve your relation or ruin your relation. So it’s important to have knowledge on what is communication and how to use it to the optimum level. This is the key my friend,believe me. If you have knowhow about effective communication then you can rock n roll in your relationship.

What Is Communication?

Communication is the process of expressing our words, feelings or expression with an individual or group.

Why We Fail To Communicate Properly.

We often become poor at conservation because generally, we don’t know success mantra of communication. Moreover, in today’s tech-oriented days we are distracting ourselves from effective communication.

Just Reflect:

Suppose you had a fight with your spouse and both of you are not talking with each other under one room. At the same time suddenly your mobile phone gets nonfunctional. Now please tell me or just comment your honest feeling to research more what will you do first. I think I would have gone to repair my mobile without repairing my relationship first which is much more important.
Now I will equip you people with some fundas of communication as I promised in my earlier post which can transform your relationships.

Tips 1.

7% rule of Dr. Albert Mehrabian.
Communication is 7% words which we say, 55% is the body language while we are saying the words and 38% is the voice tone which we use while communicating. It is advisable to always have a face to face communication with your loved ones with whom you want to revive or repair your relation. Don’t SMS or WhatsApp or email sorry or your feelings or quarrel in digital media with your girlfriend because it would be only 7% and rest body language and tone would be missing.




Always perform this 3 check formula before communicating with anybody.

Is it relevant? 90% of our communication is irrelevant.we generally deviate from the main topic. What I have experienced is that it happens much when some body quarrels with each other, especially spouse.

Is it necessary? Just check whether the words which you are going to utter is at all necessary or can be told latter. Take special attention couples when the situation is hot.

The Tone: Check what you are telling is coming from heart or mind. If you are using your mind or logic to establish then there is a chance of increasing stress. I recommend smooth heart to heart communication or powerless communication.



Case Study:

Recently I was on vacation with my wife and four years son in a hill station. Before the journey, my best friend told me to give a call every day as he cares for me. From the airport, only my son got fever and cough and cold. The next day when we checked out our hotel for going to another tourist spot , my son’s health deteriorated much. We were scared, the local driver helped us and took to a nearby doctor for medicine. In between, since we were in mess I just SMS my friend writing him busy,talk latter. After the medicine by the local doctor my son got ok on the third day of our trip. Now as I used digital mode to communicate with my friend, as through text only 7% communication happened which was not enough for me to understand my messy situation. He thought since in a beautiful place with my wife I am enjoying a lot and had no time for him. The other day when I called him up and make him realize the situation with my tone and emotion then he melted and got normal.


Try to communicate much face to face rather than using digital media to communicate and use the above-mentioned tips by me to smoothen any relation.


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