How To Cultivate Happiness In Life-A Practical Approach

Hi, friend’s, where are you moving so fast day by day,  you are working day night and returning home frustrated. We all are in a fast rat race. It’s perfectly ok to put effort and be busy in our life but my point is whether we are stopping in between and asking a question about our self or not. Otherwise, we will see that we intended to go somewhere and finally turned up elsewhere because we didn’t,t  manage to review our activity in our speedy life.

Important Question:

Why are we working so hard, why we are taking so burden and running, worrying throughout the day? Try to figure out the specific answer.
The truth is for seeking happiness.
But when I interviewed my clients, the general answer which came out is for purchasing a bungalow, new car even big car than the previous one, paying emi’s etc. Now listen and realize very carefully- bungalows, big cars or whatever achievements you are having, these object can only give you comforts not happiness. How you will feel to drive a Mercedes the day you got divorced? So all these objects can give you comfort not happiness.
Again many of my clients says that they get happiness from traveling to a new place or by going to a party or having food from a great restaurant. This is again not happiness, the momentary good feelings which we generate from perceiving things from our sense organ ie by seeing scenic beauties by our eyes, by tasting from our tongue is all pleasures, sensual pleasure which is not persistent.So again pleasure is not same as happiness.

What is happiness and how to get it:

Happiness is a state of mind, the state which increases your productivity, the state in which you radiates positive vibes. The state in which you generate minimum waste and negative thought, in which you rarely gets irritated.
Happiness is a journey, not a destination. You have to enjoy the feeling parallel with your effort of achieving materialistic objects and achievements.

Now we will shift our approach:

It is not that we have to work hard day in day out to get happiness. We are a peaceful being, we are already happy. You have to be aware of this fact and pay attention to those activities which snatch out our happiness. So we have to take care the activities which are the enemy of our happiness and parallelly do our day to day activities.
This conceptual shift is known as shifting from the act of deficiency to act of abundancy.




See you are given two gardens side by side and been asked to maintain the two. Now suppose you go on watering one garden ie day to day you are working to acquire the materialistic objects and achievements and successfully doing that. But somehow somewhere even acquiring all the things you lack happiness. why? Because you are not watering the other garden of happiness, your emotional wellness garden to enjoy its fruits.So it has dried up.Now being aware you have to water the two gardens simultaneously and enjoy the journey.Moreover please read my previous article to understand the base of emotional wellness.

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