How -3 Stories Changed Lives OF Many On Faith



A plumber was working with the host to restore the old farmhouse of the host. After he had a rough first day on the job due to various reason such as his electric machine was not working, his plumbing device was jerking and eventually, his vehicle was not getting started.So the host decided to drove him to his home. On arriving at his home the plumber invited the host to meet his family. As the plumber walked towards the entrance of his home, he paused at a small tree. He touches the tips of the branches with both of his hands. Then while knocking the entrance door, he underwent an amazing transformation. His face caught up with smiles and he hugged his kid and kissed his wife.

After that, the plumber escorted back the host to his car. When the host was passing that very tree he curiously asked the plumber what he has seen him do earlier. Why he touches the tree before?

The plumber replied that it is his trouble tree. The plumber knows he can not avoid troubles in his job as it is not in his control. But on the thing for sure those troubles don’t belong to his house with his kid and wife. So he just hangs the troubles up on the tree every night when he comes back to his home and asks GOD to take care of them. The next morning when he picks them up again, there aren’t nearly as many as I remember hanging up the night before.

All of us should have this kind of trouble trees so that we can differentiate between our personal and professional life.


As drought was prevailing in a village for many months, so all the farmers were frustrated and were starving. As the problem became acuter, the priest of the village called a prayer meeting to ask for rain.

All people of the village arrived. The priest greeted all of them.Before starting the prayer the priest noticed most of the peoples were busy in chatting with each other. When he reached the front he saw a little girl sitting quietly. She was with full of excitement and anticipation. The priest then saw an umbrella beside her. All the people came to pray for rain but the little girl had come with immense faith expecting GOD to answer.


To achieve anything in life you should have undoubted faith in yourself and GOD.


Once jack had a dream.He saw GOD was speaking to him and aked for pressing hard against a big rock. Next day he was anxious enough and started to push a big rock beside his hut. He goes on pushing the rock several time throughout the day but could not move it an inch. As GOD asked him to do that he made a goal to goes on pushing the rock until it moves. Next day when again he started to push the rock a villager was passing by and ask jack for this kind of act. The village told jack he is a foolish guy and uttered depressive words against his GOD. Jack continues to do the same for many days. After that getting frustrated one night he sat for a prayer and asked GOD that he has done what was asked for and the job seems impossible.He could not move the rock.

GOD replied ‘ Son look at your feeble arms and legs, it has now grown stronger. You have developed muscles in your arms, legs, and back.Look at your tanned hardness of the skin. You have gained a lot of strength.You are a different person now. I asked to press against the rock not to move the rock’.


Everything GOD asks us to do is undoubtedly for our benefit only even it is invisible for a moment.

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