8 Simple Ways To Build Habits For Success




Hi friend’s, I am getting lots of comments and feedbacks about my articles and the lifehacks. I was just reviewing my previous articles and suddenly an idea knocks my mind. I was thinking how much my audiences are really practicing the lifehacks. I want my contents not only to be informative but transformative.

So I did some research and decided to come up with some practical habit building activities. If you follow the below-described points then it will be much easier for you to implement the ideas in real life which I describe in my earlier contents.

If you want to change yourself or want to change the outcome of your life then this two points is heavily important:

A. You have to think something different which you were not thinking until today.
B. You have to do something different which you were not doing until today.

You can’t expect something extraordinary miraculous until you do and changes your thinking pattern and make it your habit.
Below there are my few tips which can be used to implement an idea or action and convert into a habit.Thereafter it will become a spontaneous activity.

8 Simple Tips:

1. Be Convinced

It is the base.Be 100% convinced why you are trying to convert one action to your habit. Your action should not be any peer pressure driven. The urge should come from within your deep self.

2. Start Simple And So Easy That You Can’t Say No.

Always start with simple and small and measurable task.Break your task into small chunks, work on it and move on to the next level. Once you see the small task has become a habit, then you will feel it easy and your confidence will grow. Don’t set any big task in the beginning.

3. Make It Daily And Stick To At Least 21 Days

Stickability is the main success mantra for getting success. If you can stick you can win.



4.Set Hourly Alarm For Traffic Control.

Use your smartphone to the ultimate level. Set alarm after on an hourly basis.At that time be aware and remind yourself and check whether you are on the right track or not. This activity has an immense power.

5.You Can Use An Avatar Or Practice Special Activities For 21 Days.

You can wear a band, bracelet or anything to remind yourself of your mission all the time. You can also carryout special activities during this period to be aware all the time of your mission. For eg: during this 21 days, you can be strictly on vegeterian diet etc.

6.Get a Buddy.

Share information about your mission with your buddy. You can share with your spouse, parents, friends, mentor whatever suits you. Involve them so that if they see you are deviating they can knock you.

7.Know The Benefits And Feels, Visualize It In Your Third Eye Area.

Have clarity about the benefits you are going to enjoy once you establish your habit. It will boost your urge. Visualise the state of getting the benefits in your third eye area. Your brain will also support you to make your task easier.

8. Make A Plan For Making A Habit.

Most importantly make a plan to minimise the hindrance which may stick you during your journey. For eg: plan for parameters like time, mood, weather etc.If its raining today you must have an alternative for inhouse exercise, if you face any bad mood on any day you can go for just a walking.


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