How Artists Dominate? Know About Your IP Asset

It was Sunday morning, rather early morning when I heard the ringing of the doorbell .

Hey Harish, what happened I uttered, opening the door for my early morning guest. His face was pale and looking somewhat tensed.
Harish is a young chap and also a self-taught young artist who does paint and also good in creating computer graphics, he has also built a team of like minded young artists and done some commissioned work too as a team.

Harish told me that he needs my consultancy as he is into dilema.

Harish has just passed his 12 the standard and he has a great interest in painting and art work. He has been a great artist since his childhood. He got many inspiration and encouragement in his creative paintings which helped him in his exploration, self-expression, logical thinking, building self-esteem, imagination, and creativity.

Now after his 12 th, when the time came for his career decision, his parents are not interested in sending him to art college. The reason was, as per as his parents there is no scope to earn as an engineer for an artist. Strange, is not it? I was shocked hearing this logic and thought how parents can show this kind of logic and deprive a child of pursuing a career of his choice.

After a short briefing with him and went on further to introspect about Art Market and scope of art as a career, since then I heard a term called ‘Copyright’ delving further into this I have realised that this COPYRIGHT is actually changing the whole ball game, other grounds also gave me a deep insights into modern art market and how pricing and promotion was regulated by Art Galleries but scope of online presence, changing behaviour of buyers also giving a strong competition to the traditional art galleries, but one thing is very clear to me that Art is still a very lucrative career option if someone is ready to pursue it as a passion. He might have to go through hard work and ultimate dedication onwards I started taking information about IP and counselled harish and gave confidence that he could earn lot even more if he continue and develop his creativity and grow more. I gave him a basic idea about Intellectual Property and connect him to an IP expert. Later his parents also got convinced since they do not have much idea about the openings available to promote one’s creativity and make a living other than becoming doctor and engineer.
So, here goes my tips which i gave him apart from the tips of my earlier post.




1. Copyright

Intellectual property is referred as intangible property which is a product of creativity of an individual. IP is protected in the law which enables people to earn recognition or financial benefit from what an individual invent or create.
Artistic works like music and literature, as well as some discoveries, inventions, symbols, and design, can all be protected as intellectual property. Copyright is a legal term use to describe the rights that creator have over their literary and artistic works whose range can include books, music, paintings, sculpture, films, computer programs, technical drawings etc

How Copyright can benefit Artists :

Whenever an Artist is creating something unique and marvelous which is having the potential to stand up in the crowd copyright is automatically being applied although it’s also important to obtain a formal copyright certification either from copyright office or notary public just for ‘proof of existence’ .

So, after giving it a finishing touch don’t forget to sign in the beneath with date.

2. Social Media caution :

New artists are very much inclined towards social media and its good because social media can give you recognition and your can showcase your work for the wider audience, but social media is also very prone to plagiarism.
Don’t forget to use watermark with the copyright symbol.

3. Negotiation with Art galleries :

You should have a good negotiation skill when it comes to dealing with commercial galleries both online and offline.
Now galleries are the actual player, they know the market better than the artist himself so you have to read legal agreement very carefully, consult a lawyer if required.
But don’t agree on transferring all of your rights to the galleries.

4. Licensing :

Licensing is a slightly better option than direct selling when your work is being published in many forms its ought to attract people towards your creations and it will also help you to build a reputation if your work is really unique. Your paintings can be seen as T-shirts, Coffee mugs, greetings cards etc. You will be paid in royalty from time to time from the product manufacturers, online licensing startups like can help you to launch your own licensing programme.
But here also be careful about legal terminology like Exclusive and Non Exclusive .
Exclusive means you agreed upon giving permission to one particular manufacturer and seller to launch your art based merchandised and no one else could ever obtain the same rights from you.
Non – Exclusive is something which limits the use of your art for manufacturer and sellers, hence you are open to licensing out your work for other interested licensees as well.

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