How To Tackle Fear Easily


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One problem which I am a victim of, want to discuss about in today’s article.




Till a few years ago I was traumatized by fear.Fear of Unknown. Before any work, a lot of negative fear used to horrify me. As a result, I was doubtful about my productivity, I used to talk less. Fearful imprints can be noticed on my face, eventually, my jolliness was gone from my life. I was disturbed by fear of success, fear of failure, fear of death of near and dear ones etc ie. Facing the fear of unknown.

Case Study:

Suddenly I used to go to depression and thoughts which bother me more, I am going to share with you.
1. When I was going through bad phases or encountering a problem, then I used to think what will happen if I never able to solve this problem. A unknown fear use to take control of me and I used to go into a depression.

2.When I use to be in office, constant fear use to bother me thinking if some task has been assigned to me and if I am failure what will happen, I may be scolded, I may lose my job etc. Anybody could detect by seeing my face that I am an unhappy person.

3.Number of times when I use to return to my home, suddenly I felt a lot of fear. I use to thing what will happen when my parents will be not in this world or what will happen to my child when we will die someday.

  1. While trying for entrepreneurship, I was so frightened about my success that whosoever I met, I asked whether I was on right track or not.I was in fear of success.

So one day I realized I can’t live with this kind of fear. Enough is enough.I started reading many books, did a lot of research on fear, consulted with mentors and started working consciously to get out of it. Now I am much better and got control over my fearful life. Now I will share you the tips and fundas which I applied to get rid of fear.

It’s very easy, you just have to remind yourself when you feel fearful. By practicing at least for 21 days you will rock my friend.


You will be in fear when:

You will experience fear when you live your life by your mind and not by your life. We have two parts of our brain.One is responsible for memory -related to past and another part is responsible for imagination-related to future. Actually, if you examine fear, it resides in memory or imaginatio.Our past is also an imagination. So fear resides always in imagination.

So we are worried about a topic or incident which we actually imagine and does not have practical real-life existence. It doesn’t exist in the moment, now or present.So why to worry. So still if we are fearful then it is called insanity. So whenever you feel fear ask your self whether the topic of fear exists now. If not just be happy.Don’t imagine.


Fear is just an imaginative horror movie which runs on the canvas of mind. If you enjoy watching a horror movie then watch it perfectly as a movie or else convert it into a comedy movie. You can do it using NLP also.
Being fearful, I used to ask a question on my chances of getting success to peoples. Latter I realized the mantra of success.Anything which you want to do, if you put all your attention, emotion and physical energy to it then there is no chance of failure.

One of my mentor  shared that  dealing with fear is all about planning. If you are good at planning like you do for your project management, fear can reduce a lot. Whenever your seat and start pen downing your plan, a lot of invisible stuff will appear visible which otherwise cause fear. In my coming article, i will try to throw some light on effective planning and breaking fearful pattern of thinking..
Now if anybody of you is a victim of fear of death, then believe me my friend it can only be overcome through spiritual wisdom and practicing soul consciousness. To have a flavor pleases read my earlier post.

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