Know The Fundamentals Of Managing Relationship Issues In 4 Minutes

Wow,what a morning. Pulled out from home by my wife and going for a picnic with my four-year son in the winter morning. Before moving out we had a verbal fight, I and my wife, regarding a trivial issue. We quick fixed it and moved out for the picnic in a village.

Son In Picnic

Son In Picnic

Out of the issue, i realized a funda which I am  going to share with you today.
Managing your family and all the peripheral issue all the time with a cool head is a daunting task. Now let me come to the point. You are constantly in a process of accumulating something, may be its wealth, property etc. Your body is also an accumulation of food, vitamins, and minerals which helped you to come up with a grown up individual from a small baby. Again your mind is the accumulation of the thoughts generating from the reference of the memory you had from your childhood. All the accumulation is yours but not you.


Very minutely observe it, when you presume your all accumulations as you then only all problem starts. You start to manage your all accumulation presuming as you somehow. So all the managing happens somehow.

You are not your body ,neither your mind. When you rise above your likes and dislikes and accept the whole thing right now, then all the universe becomes you. All the things, air, flower, mountains etc become to communicate with yourself.
I am using my cell phone to write this article, similarly, if I know the technology to use my body and mind to be happy then the job is done.

None of us, I believe, at least for twenty-four hours we are away from any negative thought, anxiety, jitteriness etc.That means something fundamentally is wrong with us.what is that?

Our mind and body are not taking instructions from us. At least this should happen the way we think. We can not control the external happenings but at least our mind and body should be receiving instruction from us.

Fear, anxieties all are like a negative horror movie running through our mind. If it is the movie which decides our happiness then at least a funny movie should run in our mind.

It is already scientifically proven that when you are in a happy mood or completely in bliss then your quality of life and productivity increases.So with the help of running funny movies in your mind and treating mind and body as a separate entity, you can practice being joyful all the moment. If you can manage this, all your relationship and trivial issues will get managed in an autopilot mode. This should happen the way you want exactly.

Take Away:

The problem will arise if you neglect to live your life and start living a life of your mind. Start practicing to train your monkey mind to become an expert of managing every thing in a holistic manner.
Take charge of your life and understand your responsibility. Acceptance will give the gear of the vehicle of your life to you and rejection will lead to a stressful life.

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