How To Behave When Your Alarm Rings In The Morning

Hi friend’s, hope you people are doing fantastic. As a Lifehacker, i am getting immense queries from my audience, friends, and colleagues about various life issues. They are querying about how to stay fit, how to reduce weight, how to not do what is not meant to do for a good relationship with their spouses or girlfriend etc. The good thing I am noticing that people nowadays became more aware and want to change and grow. Only thing is that they are lacking consistency and patience, that’s why they are seeking mentors. That’s good.

So today I will share basic tips to prepare the mental soil before sowing the seeds to bear the fruits.
When an individual is opting for a change that means some things are not happening the way they wanted. Isn’t it? When things are not happening the way you wanted for a day then it’s acceptable. But if it’s not happening continuously then something fundamentally is wrong with you. Am I making sense?

All the game is  about the mind. Your mind is not accepting instruction from you , rather you are accepting instructions from your mind. As long as this process continues, you can’t change yourself. If you start practicing good habits still you can’t be consistent unless you reverse the process of training your mind to take your instructions.

Now the question is how to reverse the process. How to break the pattern.
There is no 2+2=4 process for the same. It’s basically a continuous process. It’s a lifestyle changing ability to break the pattern. So be relaxed and stay cool. I am going to give you all a simple basic tips to start with. If you follow this I am sure you are going to see changes.


The best time to register a habit in our brain is the morning. So we have to attack the very first-morning activity to break our existing pattern.

Everybody of us who finds it difficult to change their existing pattern either falls among the below-mentioned categories.

1.The fall-ers: Peoples who set alarm clock but never wakes up when the alarm rings.

2.The snoozers: Most of the peoples fall into this category who snoozes the alarm when it rings and wakes up after 3-4 snoozing.

3.The deceivers: Peoples who wake up, dismiss the alarm, seat for some time and again fell asleep.

Peoples from these three categories behave like this because their mind plays the tricks. Their mind controls them and they also willingly or unwillingly accepts instructions from their mind.

Now from today onwards just you have to wake up, the moment alarm rings. Get up without snoozing the alarm and stand on your feet and start your todo activities set by you.If you consciously follow this lifehack then within few days you can break your existing pattern.Your mind will slowly start receiving your instructions. Then the soil will be ready and you can plan for your any change activity and things will happen the way you want. Mind it not snoozing the alarm is your fire test.

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