How To Vanish Fear Through NLP Technique

Last week I had a long discussion about how we can make fool to our mind and can get rid of fear with Yashica mam who is an NLP practitioner. My dear friends, today i am going to present some life hack  on that only. In life, if you know the tricks to control your mind then you are a king in the real sense.


As we are all built up with  matter, so we are all vibrating at a certain  level.Like wise what we think consciously or unconsciously, we are constantly sending a vibration to the universe. The Universe capture this frequency and thinks the thought radiated by the person is what he/she wants and starts manifesting it.

So just reflect:

What good or bad things are happening to us , is just the result of our previous thought. So if we need beautiful future then we need to pay present attention to our thought factory. As simple as that.


It’s a true fact that our mind can not differentiate between a physical happening and an imagination. For example- If you physically run in a field for ten times, and if you imagine deeply that you are running in the field ten times then both will have a similar punch in your mind and your mind will experience the same emotional jerk. So with this, you can relate my previous writing on fear. So practicing good and positive thought is the game changer.

Practical tips to change your negative thoughts:

First, take a pen and paper and think deeply and find out a memory or an incident which makes you feel happy. For example, for me its when I became a winner in state-level table tennis championship. The moment was awesome, every body was cheering my name, I was receiving the Gold medal from the chief minister, the girls were up to me etc.

Now once you are done with the identification of your happy moment, now you have to just be aware and consciously choose your thought. Whenever you will see that negative or fearful thought has come to the canvas of your mind then consciously swap that thought with the best happy memory which you identified. Start thinking and re-live that experience. It will make you happy. Slowly by  practicing this exercise you will be master of this swapping technique. In addition to this please take more insight of my previous article.
My friends, believe me, it works, and it works like a miracle. So start practicing this from now only and if you like to know more you can subscribe to my blog and can contact contact us page.
Wish you all happy reading.

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