10 Thoughts From A Primary School Principal


This is the first time I sat for fetching out the intense feeling of the principal of my son’s school-DIA Public school. Her name is Mrs Pompia Upadhyay under the guidance of Dr. Sankar Nath Mukhopadhyay. She is running the school since last seven years. I was  discussing about her wide experience about the little ones. She spend most of her times with the little ones,so I though she would be the best person to share her feelings.


Her Feelings:

1. Children are the store house of great enthusiasm  and energy.

2. They are very active and are ready to explore every aspects of their surroundings.

3. Childrens are bestowed with myriad of talents which need to be channelized in appropriate manner to ensure holistic development.

4. Teachers are meant to guide the little ones to explore the colourful  and interesting environment.

5. Teachers ought to share a discussion table with the children .

6. Teachers should satisfy the storm of creative queries of the little ones.

7. Teachers should help the child to deal with social anxiety.

8. Teachers and parents should play responsible role in preparing hygiene awareness among the child.

9. Self awareness should  also be  inculcated among the childrens.

10. Parents should interact with school in a periodic manner and be in sync in order to track their kids development.


This is the rough map which I drew through the discussion with her. Her immense efforts have put the school to gain a remarkable foothhold.

Let’s hope Mrs Pompia would share more parenting hacks to my audience in future.

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