How To Fix Problems Of Single Parenting Families

Hi all, let’s understand the gap between single parent family today. Parenting itself is a daunting task it even become more difficult at the case of single parenting.

Each and every time my wife and I have to do research and development. We  cum up with different interesting ways to take care and teach my kids.

It’s interesting too but needs patience and passion.

Today I had a chance to gossip with Gopika –a young girl who got married in an unusual way about which I have written an article before.

Talking with her I came to know and ponder the lot about the pain and gap of single parenting.

So, today I will share my views which can help single parents.

What is Single Parenting:

A single parent is someone who is bringing up a child on their own because the other parent is not living with them.

A single parent is a parent who alone brings up child without the other parent’s support.  Particularly these  parents are the only parent to the child, responsible for all financial, material and emotional needs.





Case study On Single Parenting Family:

When I was interviewing Gopika about her upbringing in a single parent family- by her father mainly three points came up .

1. She felt a gap and  most insecure and felt the voidness of her mother when she use to get ill or had heath issues.

This is one of the issues when a kid is raised by a single parent.

2. She was raised by her father well. Her father did all the job as a father as well as the job to be done by a mother.

But still, kids of a single parents feels the voidness of a driving force which comes in a balancing mode in terms of making a disciplined family.

3. In terms of a single parent, it’s always a lackness of a partner . At a latter age ,a single parent needs to discuss some issues or when he or she is down. After a certain age when kids become younger and his/her parent becomes older then a companion is very much needed to sustain.

So below mentioned points to be worked out by a single parent to try to fill the gap:

  • Loneliness-which is felt by the kids at the time of illness, exam, low self-esteem etc.
  • Good surrounding System– To make feel that some driving force is still working, surround your kid with some elderly peoples or counselors. It is to be done for sure when you as a single parent is bussy in your business or office. Moreover motivating kids to read good books and watching videos also do a lot.
  • The teaching of Non-Comparison– You have to make suitable stories to convince your child not to compare his/her situation as being brought up by single parent as it would bring depression.
  • Psychological safety– In any way, you have to accountable and responsible to provide the high level of psychological safety to your child. You have to bear repetitive mistakes and have to work out to correct out and bring up the best from your kids without scolding them and having patience.

Some Traits:

As parenting is a combination of both men and women, so missing one of them would somewhat disturb the balance. Being a single parent if you are aware of the behavioral pattern of men and women then in the absence of any one , it is easier to try to feel the gap taking reference from the below-given traits:

Behavioral Pattern of Mother and Father For a Single Parent:

While playing with their children, fathers tend to play with, and mothers tend to care for.

While fathers encourage competition, mothers encourage equity.

Father encourages independence while the Mother encourages security.

Father’s talk “tends to be more brief, direct, and to the point, whereas Mothers tend to be more descriptive, personal, and verbally encouraging.

Girls and boys who grow up with a father are more familiar and secure with the world of men. They also learn from their mothers how to live in a woman’s world.


Men and women do have differences in the ways their brain functions. However, this work shows that both men and women can be equally skilled caregivers.

Furthermore, it reinforces what most people already know: the more time you spend doing something, the better you get at it.Give more time and understand your kids and be a wow single parent.

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