How To Overcome Social Anxiety In Few Minutes

Hey guys, I am very exited for the upcoming marriage ceremony of my brother Bipro and his girlfriend Gopika. They are pretty young couples and tying their knot this Jan2018 end. I was quite anxious about how they are feeling before their marriage and all about. So suddenly I invited them to an online conference and tried to minimise their social anxiety and the story goes like this.

Bipro is pursuing his Ph.D. and Gopika is a techie.They fell rather rise in love in their college days and continue their courtship since last 7 years. Bipro’s family consist of his younger brother Sauro( an artist by profession) and his both parents. Gopika is a special child of GOD since GOD decided to take care of her since she lost her parents.
So after going through the fantasy phase in their early affair life, they overcome certain hurdles and finally decided to get married. Bipro’s parents are also very supportive and they agreed to the same and came an extra mile to support Gopika. That’s wonderful.

Their marriage is going to be a Unique one since it’s not complying our so-called Bengali rituals totally. It’s going to be an awesome gen Y marriage.
When I was talking both of them, I found they are not so very exited about the upcoming event and especially Bipro is concerned about the society in his subconscious mind.But I am not.Being a life hacker I appreciating this marriage because they are doing a great job and setting an example. They are the trend setter, not merely the follower.
Now I have tried to analyze their feeling and want to provide some points how to avoid social anxiety.

How to Overcome Social Anxiety.


1. Suppose you are playing a football game and played very well and with hard labor you kicked a goal to the opponent. Then what will you do? you will think for the next upcoming hurdles of the game or you will feel nothing special as you have given many goals in your pst days? The answer is after giving the goal you must celebrate that very moment to the fullest and should move on to the next strategies otherwise life will be a boring one right?
My suggestion:

Before this i always recommend my earlier post on marriage.You two must celebrate this moment without thinking much to the fullest and enjoy the goal. You should feel the vibes. In India, very few peoples eventually end up with marriage in their affair, so you people belong to that elite group. Hats off Bipro and Gopika.

2. A lot of my audience talks to me about their problems. Problem with their boss, wife, hubby, mother-in-law etc.Their life is becoming miserable for the problems. I just ask them if I keep you aloof from your annoying boss, your nagging wife, your financial crunch and provide you good food and accommodation.Can you be joyful for a single day,becoz I have cuttle all your problems in a distance? please think.The answer is a big NO.
Because if you are alone and still you are in problem then definitely you are in a bad company.Your mind.So, there is something fundamentally wrong.
We need to fix our mind, thought. The problem should be fixed from within not externally.
My suggestion:
Don’t think much about the society.If you are internally convinced and till you people are growing together, nothing is a problem.People do not have much time to think about you people.So enjoy.

3.Determine who counts most in your life.
Who tries to satisfy all peoples are the one who is the biggest fool in the world. Determine the key persons and closely monitor and communicate with them. Rest will fall automatically in the right place buddy.
There will always some people in the society to add some spice in our life who are capable of finding faults in GOD also.So don’t keep an eye on them.
Identify jolly and positive peoples who are happy and motivating you constantly and surround yourselves with that kind of peoples.
So I wish you people, a wonderful journey ahead and enjoy the moment rather saying everything is like before only, like an aged philosopher.

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