How To Solve Relationship Problems In Just 2 Minutes

Hey, guys how will you feel if you can eradicate relationship problems from your life! Feeling quite astonished? Yeh, its quite feasible and cool funda. I am gonna to share you my practical experience about the following topics. With these simple methods, you can solve relationship problems very quickly.

  1. What is a problem.
  2. Why problem occurs in any kind of relationship
  3. The Behaviour of problem.
  4. How to get rid of relationship problem
  5. Practical case study.

Steps to solve relationship problems

what is a problem

Problem is not an external substance which comes to our life to ruin our relationship.Problem is just a thought. Most often its negative in nature, generated from our thought factory. Problem is just  creation  of our weak mind. So problem resides in our mind.People with more understanding and clarity of mind experience less problem in life.

When a problem occurs in any kind of relationship:

It’s very simple guys.just reflect on yourself. We experience a problem in a relationship when my expectations ie. The thought what I framed in my mind does not match with the reality faced.

The Behaviour of problem:

Now you got to understand the behavior of the problem to tackle it within no time.The problem starts with a single thought known as origin thought. Our weak mind magnifies origin thought and projects it as a big problem. Our mind goes on chattering with you connecting multiple  useless thoughts one by one thus leaving you scared. Eventually you end up with drained  energy and agitated.

How to get rid of relationship problem:

Very simple you  want to pick up the origin thought  and just stop or fix it with communication. 90% of our origin negative thoughts ie. The problems are imaginary. So don’t take problem so seriously ,communicate and fix only 10% real issues.

Story:One day two good friends Alex and John were passing by in opposite direction.  Alex noticed  John  passed him  without interacting with him. Instantly the origin thought, negative in nature comes in Alex’s mind that  why didn’t  John talked to him. So surely John might be ignoring him. From that very day , Alex also started ignoring  John. Eventually ,their relationship gap increases and all worst thing happened. But now the interesting fact is that when the John was passing by he was not wearing his high power spectacles so he didn’t notice Alex. As simple as that.Now see how the imaginary negative thought created the mess.So if  Alex would have communicated with  John and tried to figure out the reason for that very behavior then all could have been fixed in two minutes. Moreover alex could have fixed the origin negative thought then and there, and thus magnification of spiral thought could have been stopped thus relationship could be saved.

alex and john story

Alex and John story

Practical Case Study:

I was in my office and my wife was in her college. Suddenly I received a phone call from my dad that after  school my son  is having a fever.  My father asked me  what to do and what medicine he should give. I told him the medicine and asked him to call my wife. Dad told he tried her  many times and upon not getting her he gave me a call. Fine enough. Upto this all was ok. Then I called my wife and told our son is having fever and dad was asking which medicine to give. Then my wife started reacting why dad didn’t called her and called me instead. She thought dad was ignoring her(First imagined negative thought which got magnifies). When I told her that dad tried her but didn’t get her phone ,she denies as she was reachable in phone to others at the same time.

Solution: I did not argue with her, rather when we returned home at evening we all sat together and ask my dad why he didn’t call my wife first. Then he told to ask my mom that he tried my wife first. Upon not getting her dad called me.  when I tried to figure out why dad didn’t get my wife in phone then we saw that my dad rang my wife in her previous number which she changed  few days back and my father was totally unaware. Totally deceptive, this is how our relationship gets worsen based on our unreal imaginative thoughts .we must communicate properly and end the origin thought in very first step.


90% of our relationship problem is imaginary. Don’t rely on your imaginative thought and feeling rather go, seat have a coffee and communicate and forget and forgive to fix relationship issue. Most importantly try to train your mind which i will share in my coming articles.

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