How To Maintain Happiness-Understand Your Real Identity

In my earlier post , I talked about understanding Happiness. Today I will talk about the tips of maintaining happiness. Now my friend’s, time has come to talk about how one of the basic yet most important concepts of life. It’s about who we are, what’s our identity and we will also try to understand about body and soul consciousness. Believe me, my friend, if you understand this funda of life, your job is done. You can gain the clarity of life, you can solve 90% of your life problem by applying this funda. Most importantly you will come out of the vague illusion of life and can feel lighter and happy all the time.So please pay attention, even if you don’t understand, please relax.

Who I am?

I am not the body. We tell it’s my hand, my nose, my body i.e we are not hand, nose or body. So we are someone in the background who owns or operates the body right? So we are pure, peaceful soul and the body is our costumes or instrument we are using to operate as a human being. Making sense?
There are two belief system. One is we are the body, the position we hold in the society and the name was given to us. This is called body consciousness. If you operate holding this concept then you are dwelling on false ego. You will feel heavier and will have to do all hard work to maintain this ego and end up with stress. You will be in illusion.You cant be in happiness state as if somebody tells you something, you will think its about you as you identify yourself as body and false ego. Moreover, you will experience fear of losing, failure and eventually about death.
Now if you practice soul consciousness then you can be happy and stable all the time.who so ever will come in contact with you, will also feel happy and peace. Nothing can hamper your peace as all the materialistic worry and action can maximum has a reach up to your body level, not beyond that.If you always be in soul consciousness, then your productivity will also increase. You can have the clarity of life and thus can take real independent decision in life.
Body consciousness people’s are driven by the sensual pleasure and deceived at the end where as soul-consciousness peoples put their soul in the driver’s seat and they know how to use the mundane things.


Take an example of a car and driver. Body consciousness people will think they are the car. Whereas soul consciousness people think they are the driver. So if you are a driver, you are aware can take proper care of your car. If you are using your old car for a long time and not giving a good mileage then you will not mind to scrap that old car and buy a new car. So there is no fear of death for soul consciousness people as a soul never dies, body does. It’s just changing the car. But for the body consciousness people it is hard to accept death and failures as they are in illusion. They think they are the car.So all the problems start in their lives from this false unreal belief. If somebody tells some awkward about their car, they think they are telling about them.




To remain happy all the time, rather to feel you as a happy being you have to practice soul consciousness. You have to be alert and aware.More lifehacks about maintaining happiness and habits will be published in my upcoming articles. So have an eye on

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