9 Ways to Start Entrepreneurship Journey Today Without Any Investment

You don’t need investment to become an entrepreneur. I believe entrepreneurship is a lifestyle and not a position. You need an idea which solves a day-to-day problem.

For example, you find that in your locality there are 9 iron men (Ishtree Wala) and all of them offers home delivery as well as collection service. If you offer them a single guy who will do the collection and delivery, those Ishtree Walas will be very happy. It will save time and effort from their side and they can process more orders. Having a single guy for these 9 Ishtree Walas will not cost you much and you can make nice income while sitting at home.Only thing you need is to know the rules.

I know this is a very simple idea, but entrepreneurship starts from a solution like this.

Apart from these hyper local businesses which are doing really good for many entrepreneurs, there are many other ways you can start your entrepreneurship journey today.

#1 Become An Online Tutor

If you have expertise any subject or professional courses, you can start your journey by becoming an online tutor. Services like Udemy and many more will allow you to sell the tutorial in video format. You can earn good income by providing such services.

You can either create a slideshow kind of video with images or you can record videos using your Smartphone camera too.

One can make Rs. 500 to Rs. 5,000 per customer from Udemy like services depending on the course and materials.

#2 Start Reviewing Items on Website. Become a Blogger

We are living in blogging era. The format may have changed a little in last 6 – 8 years but the idea is still the same. You can start a blog on WordPress and start writing reviews about products or services from a particular niche.

Once you start getting good amount of traffic, companies will start contacting you for paid reviews too. That’s where you start generating revenue from the blog. You can also run advertisement and make money through the blog.

Affiliate marketing is another big source of revenue for bloggers. I will talk about Affiliate Marketing in later in this article.

#3 Start Drop-shipping Business

Drop-shipping is a nice concept where you receive order from customer either through your eCommerce website or via Amazon/Flipkart like services. You don’t need to keep the items with yourself or maintain any inventory. Once the order is received, you just need to forward the order to the manufacturer or the final seller and the order will be delivered directly to the customer. The whole-seller will change you Rs. X for the item and you may sell it for Rs. X+N%.

Here you are not responsible for maintaining any inventory and that’s why the running cost is almost none.

#4 Start Tourism Service for Your Area

You know the locality and the hidden gems of your place very well. If you will start writing about the popular or not-so-popular places around your city, people will start reading the same. Tourists coming to your city will find your articles or details on the page and may contact you for guiding them.

This will help you in generating instant revenue for a small 1 or 2 day tour guide services. You can start offering them add-ons like Car rental and hotel services too and make extra income from there as well.

If you will start recording testimonials and feedback from tourists about your services, that will help in getting more leads.

#5 Virtual Tour Creator

All businesses are coming to Google Home Business listing. Google allows them to upload a virtual tour of their shops and offices. To create a virtual tour, you just need an Android phone with Google Street View app. Start offering Virtual Tour Creation Service in your area and charge around Rs. 500 per tour creation.

Go ahead and create the tour using Street View App. Businesses will be more than happy to offer you the service as they will get more customers from Google My Business as people will become more familiar.

#6 Hyper Local Services

Like the example of Iron Men service mentioned earlier in the article, you can start hyper local services for Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters etc. Starting a listing service like JustDial is not a big deal but make it more simple and user friendly. Ask for a commission on every order processed from your end.

Once you have information about the service providers, you can make 20 – 30% commission on every order.

#7 Affiliate Marketing

There are many businesses who offer good amount of commission ranging from 20% to 80% on every sale made from your end. If you are good in convincing people either physically or via online channels, you can make good amount of income without any investment.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to generate passive income that means you don’t have to actively work on it. You will make money even when you are sleeping.

Platforms like Clickbank allows you to pick products from different category. Start promoting the products via website, social media or through email. Once the conversion is done, you will receive good amount of money.

#8 Become Digital Marketer

Help companies in getting more leads and customers via digital platforms like search engine, social media and more. All businesses are coming to digital platform and now everyone wants to grab the share. If you are expert in digital marketing, you can start an agency and offer services to businesses in your city.

Digital Marketing also helps you in generating income from sources like Affiliate Marketing and Paid Reviews.

#9 Become Your Own Boss, Start Freelancing

If you don’t like to join a company for regular 9 to 5 job, you can choose freelancing. In the generation of Internet, you don’t need to sit in a office and do work. You can work from anywhere and for anyone.

A freelancer basically works remotely on contract basis with companies or individual and offers services directly on indirectly to them via multiple channels. Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer.com etc. one can bid for job requirements and deliver the job as per deadline. A freelancer get paid directly to the bank account after completion of the work.

Types of work ranges from computer programming to marketing to design to finance and many more.

To start entrepreneurship journey, you don’t have to invest much. It just requires passion and awareness about solving a problem and that’s it.

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