1 Story To Understand Successful Mindset-An Asshole Concept

I was at a get together party with my audience recently. We were discussing about the prerequisite of being SUCCESSFUL. They wanted to know my views first. So in this article, I am going to share the story we discussed that day and came out of a false belief.

As we all know that success is a beautiful journey and perceiving the things the way we want, it’s not a destination. So according to me, to be successful it is very much needed to be conscious and aware and then responding to everything willingly.

Willingly responding attitude and skill will open the limitless possibility for you during your life journey. You can then smell the fragrance of jasmine in the gentle breeze to make your life journey ultimate. For more understanding of how to respond, please refer to my earlier document.


Peoples view:

During the discussion with various people, I saw that most of them believe that being successful is a daunting task. They believe that being successful is not everybody’s cup of tea.

For them, an individual needs a special brain and talent to be successful. I totally disagree this concept and share them the below story to reflect upon:


One day, all the body organs were having a meeting, trying to decide who is most successful.

Brain – ” I am more successful,” said brain because I run all body’s system.without me, nothing would happen.

Heart- Heart says ” if I stop beating, the body will die within few minutes.I do most of the vital job.So I am most successful”.

Stomach- ” I am more successful, as I process the food and gives energy”.

Legs- legs said I am the successful one as “I carry the whole body wherever it needs to go”.

Eyes- ” As I allow the body to see where it goes, So I am most successful”.

At last, all the body organs laughs when the turn came for rectum.

Rectum- ” I am the only successful organ since I am responsible for waste removal”.

Since all the body organs laughed and ignore rectum so in a huff, rectum shut down tight and called off for a strike.
Within a few days, the brain had a terrible headache, the hear got stuffy, the stomach was bloated, the legs got wobbly, the eyes got watery.

Then being helpless, they all decided and declare rectum to be the most successful and vital organ of the body and the boss.


You always don’t need a brain to be successful- any asshole will become.

So if you are aware and consciously living the moment to moment communication of the universe with you then you can be successful with an ease.

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