How To Discover Hidden Talents Of Your Child

We are the most comfortable generation now but are we the joyful and peaceful generation? Time has come to ponder on this topic to save ourselves and our future upcoming generation. We will discuss how to live joyfully, peacefully and also the importance of multiple intelligence and personality analysis in achieving our life to the fullest.

When I was in my teens I saw my father and other head male members of each family as the only earning member and their spouse to be housewife-doing household activities and taking care of their kids. They use to be more social and lives under big families and were very happy without having today’s sophisticated gadgets.

But now, the scenario has changed a lot. I often get astonished when I see myself and my contemporary friends and the upcoming boomers who just got a job and doing well. In spite of both husband wife working, not able to give enough time to their families and kids, working hard day and night, feeling stress and anxiety all the time – still not happy and joyful and the end of the day. This is a total mess.

Today success is measured with the parameters like in which big rank you are working, how much money you are earning, which car you are driving, how many times you are going abroad for vacation etc. Keeping aside these factors, the minimum requirement of your life is to be joyful and peaceful at the end of the day right? Otherwise, there is no point of working hard and earning money if day by day you experience stress and have your dinner at 12 o clock night. Going to a vacation with anxiety when it will ring from office.

Why are we not happy and at stress?


The same reason and truth are that our mind and body is not taking instruction from us. At least the life should happen the way we want. Our life is going on in a compulsive mode without any consciousness and awareness. We are in a constant mental diarrhea.



When I analyze my self, I found the areas of stress and figured out the reasons which are true for the maximum peoples nowadays.


Nowadays we are not enough happy when dealing with the relationship as our expectation doesn’t match with the person at another end.We always think that our partners and others would behave the way I wanted. In reality, it is not possible. So dealing with this situation we are in constant stress.


In our office or business the case is also very similar. We often feel tensed and stressed in dealing with our rude boss or clients or juniors which we, in turn, carry forward to our home and vomit to the kids or spouse. Very dangerous.

Moreover, we often feel the stressed because 90% of the people are in a profession which does not suit their personality, learning abilities or passion. They just are moving for earning money to pay the bills and liabilities.


Peoples are being stressful in dealing with their wards, maintaining a healthy relationship. Parents nowadays bombard their kids with lots of teachers and admitting them in a lot of extracurricular activities without knowing their kids learning abilities and capabilities. That’s why after a time kid retaliates.

Kids are the most sophisticated gadgets in our life but we are manipulating them without reading the user manual to handle them. Somehow we are handling them with age-old rotten believes and uniform techniques. So, somehow they are growing. How can we expect a better life from them right?


If you don’t know your inner qualities and talents and don’t work according to that then you will mess up with your mental and physical health for sure. Unless you enjoy your work, you will not be in your best of your mood and pink of your health.

Now it’s enough discussing the issues, now as a life hacker, I would serve you with one solution which will help you in all the above-mentioned domains.


Be self-aware and conscious.know your innate qualities and talents, personality types, learning abilities, strong areas, career options etc for yourself and definitely for your kids from scientific multiple intelligence tests and get counseling.

If done it is valid for the lifetime and you will be always aware of your potentials and act accordingly. Now we will see how we can abolish stress and anxiety and live a happy life with multiple intelligence done in the above-mentioned domains.For more details please know insight of a life coach Mr. Rajul Srivastava


In a research in the USA it has been revealed that the persons are happy in their life whose relationships are in good shape. Now everybody is different. You can know your personality type and can judge the personality type of other members of your family and can deal with them accordingly. You can have a reference from the personality detection technique for multiple intelligence tests.

If you can know beforehand how your mother-in-law behaves and her personality types then your job is done and half the battle own. Then just you have to act keeping the personality types in mind. MIT is a wonderful tool to assist in maintaining a blooming relationship with anybody and everybody.


It is true for dealing with your boss, clients or team. With MIT you can gain mastery over how to deal with peoples according to their personality traits.

Moreover, if you do your MIT in early schools days, then you can be aware of your inner inborn potentials and career options to choose from. This will make your work life enjoyable without any stress as it is your passion and spontaneous act from within.


Good parenting is a big challenge nowadays.First and foremost, being parents it’s our responsibility to have the user manual of our child to operate them in optimum level through multiple intelligence tests (MIT). Once it is done then you can focus and work on the strong and weak areas of your child and can adopt the methodologies which suit most accordingly to their learning abilities.

It will make them enjoy the life and be always happy. In our education system, all the unique and different learning abilities kids are treated in the same way and undergo the same test to prove their abilities. It’s totally ridiculous.So its a must test to bring your kids joyfully and in a stress-free ambiance and to present them a beautiful future.


Through MIT if you know beforehand your interest areas and talents and choose your career accordingly then for sure you will be always in a good state.

So, multiple intelligence tests are the one medicine for all ailments which are the root cause of the problems in our life.

In today’s world where AI is coming, let’s be updated and make our future the way we want and deserve.

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