How To Understand Marriage In Few Minutes

Hey, today’s topic is going to be an interesting one. Its all about what marriage is.Actually, when I got married after three years of courtship in 2011, I was in a fantasy world.Now after almost six years things have changed, I have realized a lot which I am going to share with you.
What I felt during this years, that every individual should be trained enough and have clarity before they marry. Parents or mentors should play this role rather than pushing them one fine morning to live with their spouse and family.

What is a relation:

Man is a social animal. Every individual has physical, psychological, social, economical needs. In relation, peoples intend to fulfill all his desired needs or help the other partner in fulfilling theirs.

What is marriage:

If you are seen to fulfill all your needs staying in jungle or streets then it looks ugly. So marriage is a social concept or institution where two individuals are allowed to stay together and fulfill their physical, social, psychological and economical needs and to experience stability in life.
In my earlier days, I used to think that I should marry a girl whose thinking is same as of mine, who can understand me well etc. But now I have gain clarity about marriage and understood that in reality no two individuals perception and thinking can not be same. In my coming days, I will share the reason for that. So as of now my dear friends please understand the concept of marriage described above. According to me ” marriage is not about thinking alike, rather it’s all about thinking positive together for collective growth and empowerment”.

Benefits of Marriage:

See a child of a tiger is always a tiger, a child of the horse is always a horse unlike a child of human being is not a human being, to make a child of a human being a human, lot of effort has to be put in. We have to provide an good ecosystem to the child’s. The children of animals can be fed in street and only need foods to grow up but that is not true for humans. So mariage gives you that ecosystem and support system where you can live with stability and can fulfill your needs and can grow up your children well.

Some important facts:

Love is an experience of sweet emotion. It is very important that your partner should trigger sweet emotion in a relationship because when your physical chemistry is fulfilled then you might feel why the hell I am in this relation. So both the partner should be trained in triggering sweet emotions for the long lasting of a relation.




When you are young, probably in your teen age, where your physical body and hormones take over your intelligence you might question the basic fundamentals of marriage. At that time you may thing there is no point of marriage and spending whole life with a single partner. But when the time will pass by, probably in your late 30’s your will understand the meaning of stability, organizing etc and will approve the marriage.
So, my friends, marriage is a wonderful event in life, it teaches you a lot, it will provide you lot of situation to expose and sharpen your inner qualities.
So in this article, my intention was to just give a view of marriage to my friends so that they can have a reference in their mind which will definitely increase their clarity about marriage. For those, who don’t want to marry, it’s absolutely ok, but once you gets married please remember its minimum 30 years of the project.So you should think, reflect and prepare because it is not at àll desirable to talk marriage and divorce in the same breath.Last but not the least ,don’t forget the power of ACCEPTANCE.

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