How To Celebrate Winter Holidays For Relationship Improvement And Growth


Hey, winter holidays are on. I and my wife is thinking to work on our relationship to make it much much better. We are all in a festive mood, holidays are prevailing, cakes are all around and winter has made our garden blossoms. All together it’s a good ambiance to plan and act for new things. So I and my wife decided to grow together and believe to make our world so beautiful.

I want to present our approach for the coming new year to grow. We are planning for the same during the winter holidays. Couples and my audience can use this as a reference point.

Our winter holidays activities:

1.  Although I am not a staunch believer in giving and worrying about the past facts. Still, I and my beloved are looking back and making a separate list of mistakes we did . In this process, we become aware and extract the experience we gain from it. Once we do this then the mistake doesn’t remain mistake, it became a LESSON.  Lesson helps us to start with much confidence.
2. We are deciding to not to keep a long term goal. In the emerging world of agile methodology, we are keeping it  short and sweet, achievable and measurable goals only for the month of coming January. Then we will analyze it, review it and will repeat the process.So this year no stress and only small piece meals.

The list of the short target which we set from the different domain :

For Improving Relation:

a. Eating Mindfully:

It’s for doing goods think together. At least twice a week we two will cook together, we will involve ourselves in these process for that moment so that we are not worried about any other stuff at that time. Then we all family members will mindfully eat together.

b.Sweating Together:

Its all about exercising together in the field and in bed too. To start with, we will go for at least 90 minutes brisk work a week. I have downloaded pedometer and calorie burner on my smartphone as a trigger.

c.we will stop squabbling:

This is the most important decision we have taken. We have decided to equally give a fine of $5 each to a pot each time we quarrel on trivial issues. We will not judge whose fault is there, simply both parties will be liable to pay the fine.

d.Breaking a bad habit together:

For this, we will first identify our one bad habit and discuss with each other and will help each other to break it.
Once these processes go fine for one month, we will pat each other and will iterate the process with confidence.

3.Doing karma bursting techniques:
Lifrhackpundit will launch this product soon for its viewers ,so be in touch.


Important pointers for looking forward to a good time to come:

1.A habit to make.
2.A new skill to master.
3.A habit to break.
4.Books to read.
5.Somewhere new to go.

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