How To Understand And Get Rid Of Worry In 3 Minutes

Hey, friend’s, how is life? Hope you people are doing fantastic. You can share your experience if really you people are transforming your life with my practical fundas shared in my earlier post.
Today I am going to share some practical tips about gaining clarity about the following points.

1.What is a worry?
2.When we start to worry.
3.How to stop worrying and start living

What is a worry:

Worry is basically a series of thoughts revolving around our mind, generally negative in nature. The speed of this negative chain thoughts is greater than our normal thoughts which drain out our energy, makes us heavy thus leaving us perplexed. So in simple words worries are waste thoughts. Worries and fear are co related which i am going to discuss in my coming post.

When we start worrying:

See my friends, generally, our all worries are related to some or the other future happenings. Nowadays our happiness and peace of mind depend upon situations. Situations are generally unpredictable and we can not have control over external situations in our life. This gives rise to insecurities, which in turn is the origin of our worries related to future.

How to stop worrying and start living:

My dear friends, now you have to pay a bit attention to gain an insight to figure out the solution of worrying. I am going to share this success mantra. If you can master this ,then you will able to maintain peace of mind easily as discussed in my earlier post.
Waste thoughts will make us heavy. So to get rid of it we have to practice mindfulness. The habit of living in present and living by accumulating blessings. We all are running to accumulate wealth but this is the time to think on my friends, how many of us care for accumulating blessings. If you work for accumulating wealth, you may or may not accumulate blessings. But if you start working to accumulate blessings then for sure you will accumulate wealth automatically. So accept the situations as it is coming and live life by counting your blessings. Now we will understand how to work on blessings.

See, in your day to day living you have to be very careful all the time about your each and every action.You have to be attentive to check whether your deed is harming anybody directly or indirectly, rather creating any negative vibration or not. Its like, if your any action is harming anybody anyway then they are going to radiate negative vibration towards you, which will make you heavy. Similarly, on the other hand, if your any act makes somebody happy or peaceful then automatically positive vibes will be radiated to you from the individual and nature. This will, in turn, makes you happy, light and thus worry free. So the funda is to pay attention to your each and every action. Start practicing from small acts and see the difference.



Case Study:

As I was not expert in marketing vegetables and fruits etc as this thing are taken care of by my father. One day I went to the market and went to a vendor randomly and ask him to give me a good fish as my son along with my family will have it. Seeing my inexperience he gave me a rotten fish. While my mom starts cooking then we realized it was rotten and automatically I along with my family started radiating negative vibes to that vendor. So by selling and single rotten fish, the vendor earned 100 rupees and tons of negative vibes and lost some future clients. Now reflect, on the other day I went to another vendor to buy fish. He straight forward told me that his fish is not good for the day so to go to another vendor. I was impressed by his honesty. So for that day, the vendor makes loss but he earned lots of good vibes, fixed clients and multiple referrals by me. So he accumulates on blessings that day and money automatically came to him a hundred folds large. He is a happy person.I know him personally now.


To get rid of worries you have to shift your thinking from ‘ Thinking of future to attention to the present’.Work on accumulating your blessings by checking each and every action you perform by your body, mind, intellect your wordings etc and be light and waste thought free.

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